Pinneberg, Germany

(Official Sister City)

The German-American Society of Rockville-Pinneberg (DAGRP) was founded in 1984. Its goal is, in conjunction with the City of Pinneberg, to actively nurture and expand friendships and contacts with our sister city, Rockville.

Die Deutsch-Amerikanische Gesellschaft Rockville-Pinneberg e.V. wurde im Jahre 1984 gegründet. Ihr Ziel ist es, die Freundschaft und den Konkakt mit unserer Partnerstadt Rockville (Maryland/USA) in Zusammenarbeit mit der Stadt Pinneberg aktiv zu pflegen und zu enweitern.

Numerous continuing friendships have been formed from the long-standing contacts between the two cities (the relationship began in 1957!). Art exhibits have crossed the ocean, official delegations and private groups have taken place, both in Pinneberg and in Rockville.

Aus den langjährigen Verbindungen (die Partnerschaft zwischen beiden Städten besteht bereits seit 1957!) sind inzwischen zahlreiche dauerhafte Freundschaften entstanden. Kunstausstellungen haben den Ozean überquert, offizielle Delegationen und Private Gruppen hatten sich zu Besuchen bei uns oder auch in Rockville eingefunden.

It is our intention - not just for us, but for coming generations as well - to realize a living, dynamic friendship. We would like to continue our student exchanges; we also would like to encourage sport, music and theater groups to have reciprocal exchanges.

Unser Bemühen ist es, auch für die kommende Generation diese Partnerschaft lebendig und abwechslungsreich zu ermöglichen. Wir möchten den Austausch von Schülergruppen fortsetzen, wir möchten Sportgruppen, Musik- und Theatergruppen zu gegenseitigen Besuchen anregen.

Please help us continue this work! An organization such as ours - which supports the activity of Pinneberg's citizens - can only be successful if carried by its membership.

Bitte helfen Sie mit, diese Arbeit fortzusetzen! Eine Gesellschaft wie die unsere, die sich auf die Aktivität von Bürgern einer Stadt stützt, kann nur erfolgreich sein, wenn sie von Mitgliedern (und das heißt auch: von den Mitgliedsbeiträgen!) getragen wird.

Annually, dozens of high-school students go to America for a year - and not just to Rockvile. Are you aware that our organization provides stipends for these trips? Are you aware that we plan and promote sports exchanges (Tennis, Basketball, Swimming, etc)? We have many ideas of what can be done in the future - however: we need active members who can take part in our work with creative ideas and monetary support.

Jährlich gehen Dutzende von Schülern nach der 10. Klasse für ein Jahr nach Amerika, natürlich nicht nur nach Rockville. Wußten Sie, daß unsere Gesellschaft Stipendien für diese Aufenthalte vergibt? Wußten Sie, daß wir den Austauch von Sportgruppen (Tennis, Basketball, Schwimmen, u.a.) vobereiten und fördern? Wir haben viele

future - however: we need active members who can take part in our work with creative ideas and monetary support.

Ideen, was wir zukünftig tun möchten - aber: Wir brauchen aktive Mitglieder,die sich mit kreativen Ideen und finanzieller Unterstützung an unserer Arbeit beteiligen.

We are convinced that intensive knowledge of and contact with another culture is the best way, in the long run, to accomplish mutual understanding in our world.

Wir sind überzeugt, daß die intensive Kenntnis und Begegnung von und mit einer anderen Kultur der beste Weg ist, auflange Sicht zu einem friedlichen Miteinander in unserer Welt beizutragen.

Along side of exchanges, we have set a goal here in Pinneberg of actively socializing among all generations.

Neben dem Austauch verschiedenster Besuchergruppen haben wir uns das Ziel gesetzt, auch hier in Pinneberg das gesellschaftliche Leben unserer Gesellschaft - quer durch alle Generationen - zu aktivieren.

Reasons for joining our organization are as varied as its members: whether for the opportunity of their children studying in America, or to establish professional or private contacts "over there."

Zahlreiche unserer Mitglieder haben aus den unterschiedlichsten  Gründen ein interesse an der Mitgliedschaft in unserer Gesellschaft: sei es, daß ihre Kinder für ein Jahr in Amerika für Schule gehen oder gingen, sei es, daß sie selbst langjährige berufliche oder private Kontakte "nach drüben" haben.

We hope, as an active citizen of Pinneberg, that you will become active in a sister city partnership of over 40 years duration and also would decide to become a member of our society.

Wir wünschen uns, daß Sie sich als Bürger der Stadt Pinneberg aktiv einbringen in eine seit mehr als 40 Jahren bestehende Städte-Partnerschaft und würden uns freuen, wenn Sie sich für eine Mitgliedschaft in unserer Gesellschaft entscheiden würden.

Feel free to request further information from us - without obligation - about the German-American Society Rockville-Pinneberg.

Bitte fordern Sie - unverbindlich - Informationen über die Deutsch-Amerikanische Gesellschaft Rockville Pinneberg e.V. bei uns an.


An Introduction to the City of Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China

(Friendly Relations City)

Jiaxing has been known for centuries as a charming water town that is “the home of silk and satin” and “land of fish and rice.” It is also the birthplace of a long list of ancient philosophers and great modern writers, poets, scientists, and celebrities.

Today’s Jiaxing is poised for economic development because of its modern infrastructure in transportation, communication, electronics, and turnkey labor solutions. It is located in the Yangtze River Delta in northeast Zhejiang province. Its registered population is 3.3 million with a floating population of 1 million. Jiaxing is within easy reach of several major cities in the Yangzte River Delta that are linked by a network of airports, railways, and sea harbors. After the high speed Maglev train project is completed in 2010, Shanghai and Hangzhou will be just 20 minutes from Jiaxing. The municipality covers 3,915 square kilometers and has seven subordinate counties and cities under its governance. All of them are listed among “China’s 100 best counties.”

Jiaxing acquired its name 1,700 years ago during the Qin Dynasty. However, its early Ma Jia Bong Culture existed as far back as 7,000 years ago. The landscape combines the beauty of tides, lakes, rivers, sea, and mountains. Its South Lake is one of the three famous lakes in southeast China known for their unique scenery. Jiaxing boasts two ancient tourist towns and multiple national level scenic sites. The ancient town of Xitang is where Hollywood star Tom Cruise filmed his third episode of Mission Impossible. But Jiaxing has its own celebrities as well—of the 1,800 scholars recorded in China’s Encyclopedia, more than 80 are natives of Jiaxing. A Nobel Physics prize winner, Dr. T.D. Lee, is also a native of Jiaxing.

Jiaxing has educational facilities of all kinds. The most well known is Xiu Zhou High School, which was founded by Western missionaries a century ago. Recently, Jiaxing has formed alliances with top national institutions including Tsinghua University and the China Academy of Sciences to develop both academic facilities and research institutes that will provide turnkey solutions for the labor market as well as commercialize their R&D products locally.

Jiaxing plans to turn its labor-intensive industries into technology-based industries. GDP reached $17 billion in 2006, which amounts to per capita income of $5000. Jiaxing has 12 state-approved development zones. Foreign investment has reached $11 billion with 4,000 foreign-invested enterprises, including 23 of the world’s 500 biggest corporations. The current industries include textile, leather, electrical instruments, and general equipment manufacturing. The city government has designated a special area in Nanhu to welcome high tech companies and research institutes.

Jiaxing is an ancient city with a rich cultural atmosphere. It is also full of energy for growth and development. Although Jiaxing’s size and population are greater than Rockville’s, from cultural, educational, touristic, and economic standpoints, both cities will find they have much in common. It is our mission to cultivate these common interests through exchange and understanding and thus make our world a more peaceful place.