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RSCC Dim Sum Luncheon, Fundraiser

August 14, 2:00-4:00

More information, TBA

Past Activities (in blue)

RSCC Night at Bethesda Big Train Baseball, June 25

Shirley Povich Field - 10600 Westlake Drive, Rockville, MD


Membership Appreciation Wine Tasting, June 9, Glenview

Wine logo

This year's Membership Appreciation Wine Tasting Event featured wines from Germany, and Maryland's own Links Bridge Winery.  RSCC Board Members, RSCC Members, and guests mingled, sipped wine and ate light food.

Pinneberg firemen waiting to march in the Rockville Memorial Day Parade
Pinneberg firemen waiting to march in the Rockville Memorial Day Parade
Both fire companies in the RFVD firehouse
Both fire companies in the RFVD firehouse

Freiwillige Feuerwehr Pinneberg besucht Rockville

Pinneberg Volunteer Fire Brigade visits Rockville

Members of the Pinneberg Fire Brigade visited our own Rockville Volunteer Fire Department from May 27 – June 5, 2022.  Both sister cities have largely volunteer fire services that have shared a history of visiting each other.  The Pinneberg Brigade visited this year to honor the 100th anniversary of the RVFD and simply revive this exchange connection after COVID times.

Student sign2

Freedom from Tyranny Rally

Click here for event site

June 4, Rockville Town Square


Commemorating the 33rd Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre

On June 4, 1989, tanks and soldiers were ordered into Tiananmen Square to disperse peaceful demonstrations calling for democracy, human rights, and an end to rampant corruption.  At least ten thousand civilians and students were estimated to have lost their lives or have been injured.  Many people, especially the victims’ families, still grieve for their loved ones.  Courageous groups, like the Tiananmen Mothers, have never stopped seeking accountability, despite great personal risk.  Meanwhile, suppression of free speech and further human rights violations continue, often persecuting target populations, including Christians, Tibetans, Falun Gong, Uyghur Muslims, and Mongolians.

Even today, we recognize the heroic efforts of those who lost their lives, fighting for democracy, self -determination and human rights.  On June 4, 2022, between 11 AM and 1 PM, we will gather together in the Rockville Town Square (Rockville, Maryland) to honor this historic protest of thirty-three years ago. Tiananmen Square protestors’ exemplary courage serves as inspiration to a further calling for freedom and democracy around the world, beginning with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of communism in Eastern Europe in the months that followed the Tiananmen Massacre. The spirit of Tiananmen’s protestors’ bravery echoes even now as many stand up to repression and tyranny in Ukraine.  We welcome people from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds to join us in the celebration of the pursuit of freedom.

RSCC and Memorial Day Events, May 27 - 30, 2022

firehouse welcome sm

(l to r) Dir. Liz von Kaenal, Sec. Steve Fisher, Pres. Drew Powell,  Brandmeister (Fire Chief) Claus Köster, Dir. & Pinneberg Comm. Chair Hannelore Quigley.

TCC Concert sm

TCC Concert: Emcees Kaitlyn Chuang & Finna Hsu (left).  A trombone solo, Joyce Hsu, with piano accompaniment, Wan-Chi Su (right) among a number of fine musical performances.

RSCC kept a busy Memorial Day schedule participating in:

  • Fri., welcoming reception for the Pinneberg Fire Brigade in their exchange visit with the Rockville Vol. Fire Dept.
  • Sat. & Sun., RSCC hosted an organization table a the Home Town Holiday Festival, this year at Redgate Park.
  • Sat., RSCC Dirs. were guests at the Taiwan Cultural Center of DC, annual performance concert, at Montgomery College.
  • Mon., RSCC:
    • Laid a commemorative wreath, on behalf of our sister city, Pinneberg, Germany (a tradition since 1957) in the official Rockville Memorial Day Ceremony.
    • Marched a contingent in the Memorial Day Parade, including students from the Formosa Assoc. of Student Cultural Ambassadors (FASCA)

Presentation of the annual Sister City Pinneberg remembrance wreath at the municipal Memorial Day Ceremony, by Dir. David Hill.  [Done annually since Bürgermeister Glissman presented the first wreath in 1957.]

MemDay wreath

RSCC Memorial Day Parade contingent, led by officers in a convertible Jeep, courtesy of Fitzgerald Auto Mall (thank you!).  Followed by Yilan City banner, sister city flags and students from FASCA.

Rockville Mayor & Council: Proclaim May 8 - 15 as Taiwan Heritage Week 

Reading proclamation as official motion (in virtual meeting)

Council Member and Council RSCC Liaison Beryl Feinberg, reads the motion into the official record.

The City of Rockville officially proclaimed the week of May 8 - 15, 2022, as Taiwan Heritage Week. A week in early May has been so declared each year since 2018 to highlight our special relationship with Yilan City, local Taiwanese citizens and Taiwanese culture generally. RSCC Pres. Drew Powell and local business woman Chiayee Mao accepted the proclamation on behalf of the citizens.

Link to televised proceedings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-1VHnDeO2k&t=6s

[Click image for large version.]

Meet & Greet @ City Hall, April 28

RSCC Pres., Drew Powell presents Mayor Newton with a certificate of appreciation.
RSCC Pres., Drew Powell presents Mayor Newton with a certificate of appreciation.

RSCC Officers, Directors and Members gathered at City Hall for an annual meet & greet gathering with the Mayor and Council, plus further City staff.  Also present were representatives from the Mont. Co. Sister City org., the Pres. of the Taiwain Culture Ctr. of Greater Washington, and former Mayor Van Grack.  Activity included a reception in the M&C Chambers, with refreshments and socializing in a conference room.

Rockville Lantern Festival, Feb. 11, F. Scott Fitzgerald Theater

The RSCC Jiaxing Committee hosted a very successful 3rd Rockville Lantern Festival this year.     Event held at the City Fitzgerald Theater on January 11.  Asian cultural performances showcased in the theater, while information, activity and food tables filled the lobby and downstairs social hall.

In the lobby of the Fitzgerald Theater.
In the lobby of the Fitzgerald Theater.
Falun Dafa Association of D.C. demonstrate Falun Gong
Falun Dafa Association of D.C. demonstrate Falun Gong
Calligraphy and paper folding 
activity tables, in the social hall

Calligraphy and paper folding activity tables, in the social hall

Dr. Sean Lin, RSCC Jiax-ing Comm. Chair and lead event organizer.
Dr. Sean Lin, RSCC Jiax-ing Comm. Chair and lead event organizer.
Sidney Katz [Mont. Co. Councilmember, Dist. 3], Marc Elrich [Mont. Co., Co. Executive], Drew Powell [Pres., RSCC]; Max Wappel & Xi Chen [event emcees]

Sidney Katz [Mont. Co. Councilmember, Dist. 3], Marc Elrich [Mont. Co., Co. Executive], Drew Powell [Pres., RSCC]; Max Wappel & Xi Chen [event emcees]

Glove Drive, CHU Cocody Hospital
Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Africa

RSCC donated 3000 examination glove pairs (and counting?), from the recent fund drive for CHU Cocody Hospital, in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Africa.  Their need is great, while we work through a contact at the Cote d’Ivoire Embassy.  Click here for more information.  This is also a chance for us to pay-forward the support Rockville got by PPE donation from our Yilan City, Sister City early in the COVID pandemic.

CHU-Cocody staff Act
CHU de Cocody online Act
3000 donation glove pairs
3000 donation glove pairs

History of RSCC, Glenview Series Lecture, Jan. 13

As the January (2022) installment of the Glenview Series Lecture, RSCC directors presented on the history of the RSCC.  [These lectures usually presented at Glenwood Mansion, held jointly by Peerless Rockville and the City of Rockville of assorted civic and local history topics.]  This RSCC lecture had three portions: Pres. Drew Powell introduced the Sister City concept and its founding by the Eisenhower Administration in the U.S., Dir. David Hill described the local history of RSCC, and Dir. Hannelore Quigley summarized the history of our Sister Cities and spoke to her personal experiences as a student and adult member and with cultural exchanges.  This lecture was presented online.  Click here to review the presentation slides for the history portion of this lecture. (pdf format)

Click here for recording of this lecture.  [A very large mp4 file, runs 1 hr 8 mins.]

German-American Recipe Book

As a creative project since the COVID pandemic outbreak, RSCC and DAGRP (the Pinneberg Sister City org.) undertook a joint cross-cultural exchange project to make a German-American recipe book.  Click here for more information and access to the online book.

Rockville Memorial Library, Display Cases, Dec.



The organization tradition of RSCC decorating the lobby display cases at Rockville Memorial Library, at the end of the year, returned for 2021.  An information display about our Sister Cities, Pinneberg and Yilan City, and how they celebrate end of year holidays was done in the month of December.  Kudos to RSCC Dir. Liz von Kaenel and Pres. Drew Powell for their efforts.

Artwork Celebration and a Contest, Welsh Park, Nov. 8

In 1990, Rockville held a competition for a piece of public art from a Pinneberg artist.  Artist Gabriele Schmidt-Heins won and installed the sculpture “On Site” in Welsh Park (near the corner of Mannakee St. and Martin’s Lane) the following year.  The artwork is symbolic of the Dingstatte open air law court that led to the founding of the town of Pinneberg.  In this thirtieth year anniversary, the artwork was cleaned, re-signed, and we held a re-celebratory ceremony in Nov.  In addition, the Pinneberg Committee held a children’s art contest of portrayals of the sculpture.  These were on display at the Rockville Science Center, judged and educational monetary prizes given.

Artist Gabriele Schmidt-Heins and former Mayor Dick Hovsepian at the original installation.

Artist Gabriele Schmidt-Heins and former Mayor Dick Hovsepian, “On Site” for the artwork construction.

The artwork site and gathering for the re-dedication.
The artwork site and gathering for the re-dedication.
Mayor Newton and RSCC Pinneberg Chair Hannelore Quigley present art contest awards.

Mayor Newton and Pinneberg Chair, Dir. Hannelore Quigley present contest awards.

German-American Day Picnic, Oct. 3

RSCC Officers and Dirs. At the German-American Day picnic 2021.  (L to R: David Hill Liz von Kaenal, Gilbert Santiago, Hannelore Quigley, 
Drew Powell, Chris Mallone, John McKenzie)

RSCC Officers&Dirs.: David Hill, Elizabeth von Kaenel, Gilbert Santiago, Hannelore Quigley, Drew Powell , Chris Malone, Steve Fisher, John  McKenzie


RSCC revived the usual annual event of a German-American Day (Oct. 6), German-themed meal.  However, this year we held an outdoor picnic at the Woodley Gardens Park pavilion, to be COVID-safer than the traditional large dinner.

Taiwan Bubble Tea Festival, Sept. 25, Town Square

The RSCC Yilan City committee with friends from the local Asian community put on a tremendous Bubble Tea Festival this year.  On Sat., Sept. 25, live music, entertainment, speeches, and food were presented to an estimated attendance of 5000 masked and socially distanced people, outside on a beautiful early autumn day.  This was great success in getting people out and almost milling together, plus learning about Taiwan culture.

Congressman Raskin addresses the attendees
Congressman Raskin addresses the attendees
View from the stage of Town Square
View from the stage of Town Square
A bubble tea table
A bubble tea table

A Generous Helping Hand from Yilan City

Mayor Newton and Councilmember Ashton receive the boxes of gifted PPE from Yilan City and Taiwan out front of City Hall.

Mayor Newton and Council Member Ashton, with TECRO representatives receive the PPE shipment in front of City Hall.


Early in the Covid outbreak, we ran out of PPE in our local area.  When Yilan City heard of this, they generously sent a gift of $70,000 worth of masks and gloves to the City of Rockville.  This was received by City officials and distributed to first responders in the City.  Thank you Yilan City and the Taiwanese representatives that made this possible.

Making things Official with Pinneberg, Many Years Later

Rockville and Pinneberg became Sister Cities in 1957 by Resolutions passed in each City.  This ostensibly pre-dated the protocols of Sister City Intl., since implemented.  It occurred to the Sister City groups last year, that this had never happened.  So we fixed it this fall.  By a live virtual meeting, the Mayors of both cities signed such a conforming protocol agreement, 63 years later.  This by no means erases our great relationship earlier, just puts the future on full footing.

Mayor Newton in Rockville, and Burgermeister Steinberg signing an official agreement on the 63rd anniversary of the Rockville-Pinneberg Sister City Relationship.
Mayor Newton in Rockville, and Burgermeister Steinberg signing an official agreement on the 63rd anniversary of the Rockville-Pinneberg Sister City Relationship.

Richard Mongomery HS Jazz Ensemble
goes to Yilan City

Back in Oct. 2019 (so before Covid broke-out) the Richard Montgomery HS Jazz Ensemble went to Yilan City to perform in their International Art Festival and further events.  Word is, they were treated like rock stars in Taiwan.  A great exchange experience for all.

RMHS Jazz pic
RMHS Jazz perf