Taiwan Bubble Tea Festival
May 20 2018

Here are my photos taken at today's Taiwan Bubble Tea Festival. The group was allowed to sell up to 300 tickets before they had to stop - and that happened before the first hour was up - before noon! People kept coming and going throughout the afternoon and there were nearly as many at the end as at the beginning!

A very impressive effort by Kuan Lee, Jonathan Lin, and a volunteer committee of about 40 people who planned this event over the past 6 months and engaged a variety of performing artists to compliment the many local Rockville vendors of Bubble Tea! Awesome job!  -- By Stephen Fisher
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HTH Holidays

Thank you for helping staff the RSCC HTH Holidays beverage booth. The project was a success even though there were short timeouts on Saturday. due to rain I anticipate that RSCC will likely earn about $1400 (combination of city contract payment plus $1 commission on each mug sold and patron tips) from this activity, When we get all the financial inforation, I will send you a message reporting the final income.

I hope you had fun while exercising bartender skills. -- By Jack Rodgers

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On April 5, 2018 the Rockville Sister Corporation (RSCC) and the Rockville Yilan City Corporation (RYCC) gathered at Rockville’s historic Glenview Mansion for a ‘Meet and Greet’ in order that our two organizations could get to know each other as we explore the possibility of a Sister City relationship between Yilan, Taiwan and the City of Rockville.

After sampling a delicious spread of light refreshments, coordinated by RSCC Director, Liz von Kaenel, participants were provided with brief presentations by RSCC’s President, Drew Powell and RYCC committee member Hung Bin Ding. This was followed with small discussion groups in which RSCC and RYCC attendees shared various cultural experiences. Many thanks to all RSCC and RYCC members who worked hard to make the evening a joyous success, especially RSCC Director, Bob Wright, who was crucial in this event’s planning.
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A dinner was held on May 3, 2018 at the Seven Seas Restaurant in Rockville as a kind of "mini-reunion" for those who have visited our Friendship City (Jiaxing), those born in or coming from the Jiaxing area, and prospective new RSCC members. Attendees were treated to some great Chinese food (lobster was on the menu!) and RSCC Directors Bing Huang and Ying Chen were primarily responsible for the night's agenda.

Also in attendance were RSCC Directors Jack Rodgers (and wife Pat), Bob Wright, Liz von Kaenel, Treasurer Marika Brown, VP Brigitta Mullican, and Members Chris Luckman, Lynn Mandujano, Kent Wong, Wendy Lui (Nexus Holidays), Victor Chang (99 years old; born in Jiaxing), and Jay Wang.

Also in attendance were: New members of RSCC Bin Liu, Zhen Zheng (Jiaxing born), Hema Chaurasia, David Fu, Pengli Zhen and Jun Xu; from the APA task force: Zenya Li and John Lin; Richard McPherson (from the Avalon School), wife Janice and daughter Maggie, Avalon Chinese student Kuanyu Li; Zhejiang Association VP James Bao and wife Jiahong Gu, and his Jiaxing friend Rose Shen.

President Drew Powell had a previous committment that night, but stopped by to welcome the crowd and seek additional members and volunteers to work on the Jiaxing Committee.

Bing ran a PowerPoint presentation showing various Jiaxing/Rockville activities since 2009. A nice event filled with memories and good food.

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